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Bataan Public Market
For the love of dried fish. A public market is not always listed in a romantic trip itinerary, but during a recent weekend getaway to Bataan, a short detour was made to the Balanga Public Market before breakfast. Getting to the market was more or less a five- to ten-minute trip, and after being dropped off at the terminal, we went straight to the market to find some goodies to take home. Bataan’s market, as it turned out, was more interesting than expected. Unlike the usual chaotic, rowdy mark
An Homage to Halo-Halo
You know it’s summertime when stalls suddenly appear out of the sidewalk, selling plastic cups of halo-halo filled with milk, shaved ice and specks of purple, red, white, brown and green at 10 pesos each.As the day progresses and the heat becomes more unbearable, more people get in line to order this classic Filipino dessert, hoping to some relief from the scorching heat.Each cup of halo-halo varies per vendor but never misses the same formula of ice, milk, sugar, beans, gelatin and langka (j
Hot Commodity
Some things cannot be kept off the grocery list no matter how seemingly useless or indulgent they are. Like at home, for instance, we have two kinds of coffee – a decent, less expensive coffee for the weekdays and a slightly more expensive yet delicious kind that we can sip a little more idly on a quiet Saturday morning. It’s not that expensive (we haven’t drunk Starbucks since) and usually, a single purchase goes a long way.This, of course, just doesn’t just apply to coffee. Over time, we’ve di
Liq My Stick
There it is in front of you. A glistening stick waiting to be consumed. Still hard despite the heat. You just have to get your lips around it now. But you can’t just help but stare. The curves, the color.And then the frost suddenly appears. You panic and get it in your mouth. Your eyes water. Brain freeze.But you don’t stop. You turn your head and keep going, one eager lick after another, a slurp in between maybe, and then a lick on the side of your lips because it’s dripping and a drop on the
Intramuros in a Bottle
One of the fun things about going to food expos is discovering new things – and during a coverage of this the 2015 Madrid Fusion, there was Intramuros waiting to be found.And it’s not the walled city.One of the newest products of the oldest distillery in the country, Destileria Limtuaco, Intramuros is a liqueur de cacao packaged in a matte bottle in a glorious serif font. The drink itself is sweet and reminiscent of tablea chocolate – but with booze this time. It’s perfect as an after-dinner dri
From Davao to Britain
Malagos Chocolate displayed at the Madrid Fusion 2015The first time I got to try Malagos Chocolate was during one of those cold, dreary evenings after work. For some reason, it had been a really long day and I was so beat that the girlfriend decided to cheer me up with a cup of hot chocolate.A sip revived my spirits instantly. The chocolate was delicious. Not too thick, rich, or sweet. I finished the drink in seconds and once I felt loads better, I asked her what chocolate it was.Malagos Chocola